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At the end of your cancer treatment, it is necessary to design appropriate strategies and guidelines that allow us to determine the degree of tumor response, risks of recurrence (tumor return), studies to be carried out and frequencies.


As well as the medical treatments that the patient can and should receive during the oncological surveillance process.



This is a topic of great interest in cancer patients: what can a cancer patient eat? - This must be analyzed together by an oncologist and a related Nutritionist in order to allow the patient to have the necessary energy substrates during their oncological treatment. As well as it is important for the general population to know that foods, under some specific contexts, increase the risk of oncological diseases.



Cancer is hereditary when a person who has a genetic disorder inherited from their parents has a higher risk of cancer. These represent 15-20% of all cancers. Adequate clinical evaluation by an oncologist or geneticist allows determining tests that allow knowing the genetic information (example mutations) that a patient has and confer a specific prognosis as well as whether it can be inherited from the children.

Multidisciplinary Management

Our commitment in the search for medical excellence in oncology is built and designed through the collaboration of different collaborative groups, specialists, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, etc. We offer a comprehensive approach that allows a comprehensive management of cancer.


Personalized medicine

As an oncologist I am intimately committed to the advent of new technologies that allow a better understanding of tumor biology. Therefore, through different genetic and / or molecular evaluation methodologies, we will seek new therapeutic options for the treatment of cancer.

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Mujer con los brazos cruzados

Beatriz Fonseca

They would never have found it early if I hadn't been screened with Dr. Ludwing Bacon

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Robert Blandon

Listen to your body and talk with your doctor about which cancer screenings are right for you.

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Sebastian Lacayo

If my doctor had not acted quickly, the result would have been very different. Preventing helped me in this fight.

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