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La visita del médico

Clinical Treatments

There are different therapeutic options in cancer treatment, such as: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, target therapies. These must be evaluated and indicated by a cancer specialist. When you need cancer treatment, there are many things you need to learn, and keep in mind. It is normal to feel confused and helpless. The best strategy will depend on different parameters that must be evaluated in a specialized oncology consultation.



It is the use of drugs to destroy cancer cells. There are different types of cytotoxic or cytostatic agents used as chemotherapeutic agents. The indication will depend on the objective of the treatment being pursued.


This can be indicated as: neoadjuvant (before locoregional treatment), adjuvant (after locoregional treatment), metronomic (low but constant doses), palliative (in advanced stages), induction (in order to increase objective responses).


The chemotherapy to be used depends on different factors such as: age, tumor type, tumor size, tumor grade, genetic alterations among other elements that must be evaluated in a specialized consultation.  


The human immune system is made up of different cells, such as T or B lymphocytes, antigen presenting cells, natural killers, memory cells as well as systemic organs (lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow).


The proper functioning of each of these elements allows us to defend ourselves from foreign agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. Tumor cells function intelligently, they sometimes manage to use immune evasion as the main mechanism for their growth and development.


That is why the specialized oncological evaluation will allow to determine if the cancer you suffer is susceptible to response with Immunotherapy.


Hormone therapy

Our organisms use hormones, which are specialized proteins, to control cell growth, energy metabolism, cell reproduction, among other specialized processes in our body.


Some tumor cells develop hormone receptors which serve for their development or growth, as well as have the ability to produce hormones that serve as a nutritional substrate which perpetuates their growth.


That is why through hormones as a therapeutic strategy it is possible to block tumor development as well as prevent tumor relapse.

White Therapies

New technologies have allowed the knowledge of the development of the specific cellular mechanisms that some tumors use for development.


These processes can be blocked by drugs that act by blocking specific targets inside the cell or by inhibiting specific alterations or proteins that malignant cells use for their development.

We achieve this strategy through specialized genomic profiling of the tumor.



Radio - oncology is a branch of oncology, which uses new technologies for the treatment of cancer.


This therapeutic option is provided by a specialist in Radio - oncology through the indication and joint analysis with a medical oncologist.

Importance of Treatment

Once the clinical studies are completed, we will determine the treatment options and the possibilities of curing the cancer quickly and in a timely manner.

Schedule an explorative assessment consultation to help you clarify doubts in this process.

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